VAMR technologies are expanding and maturing at a rapid pace.  We believe VAMR components serve as a basis for a new wave of Ensemble Innovations .... Transdisciplinary Ensemble Innovations .... Innovations never dreamed of before .... Innovations that crosses several new digital divides we have discovered.  Part of our research and solutions focuses on utilizing VAMRs to develop Transdisciplinary Ensemble Innovations.


Virtual Reality (VR)

The use of a self contained computer generated three-dimensional environment is a perfect place to immerse both human and digital Artificial Entities (AEs) to engage in transformative interactions for Transdisciplinary Ensemble Innovation, or other purposes such as Learning, Education, and Training (LET).    As part of our research, we develop methodologies to cross newly discovered digital divides between humans and VRs, between humans in VRs, and between humans and digital AEs in VRs.  

Augmented reality (AR)

Perception of our real world environment is evolving with the overlay of  sensory elements such as visual, auditory, haptic, and somatosensory information.  The technologies utilized to add these elements to our environment, enables augmentation of our real world perception,  allowing us to see our world in different perspectives .... anywhere, any place, any time, and in any context. We conduct research in selecting and making the use of additional sensory elements for ARs, and the data they use.   


Mixed Reality (MR)

MRs are the newest Ensemble Innovations where the real world is creatively blended with virtual worlds.  There are 2 basic types.  The first type starts with the real world where interactive virtual worlds and/or virtual  world objects are added.  The second type starts with a virtual world and interactive real world objects are added.  In both types of base environments, a blend of capabilities can be created in multiple contexts.  Our research includes developing methodologies to bridge another new digital divide .... between real worlds and virtual worlds.         

Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Bruce E. Peoples has extensive Keynote Speaking experience at several International Conferences.   He is available for Keynote Presentations at Conferences, or as a Guest Lecturer at Universities.