Innovations LLC was founded by Dr. Bruce E. Peoples with the goal of working with individuals and organizations to create technologies that make a difference in the lives of our global citizens.

In today's world, Innovation has many facets.  We are focused on not only in helping our customers create bleeding edge disruptive technologies, but also the development of new bleeding edge Innovation methodologies and techniques to allow Innovation to occur at levels never experienced before.

We are committed in developing bleeding edge methodologies and techniques that take Innovation to levels others can only dream of.  For example, Dr. Peoples has evolved Ensemble Innovation to include not only forming Innovation teams by creatively combining individual world class human experts, but also combining specific technology domains in creative ways never thought of before.  This includes the use of individual world class experts that could be digital artificial entities.  


The use of digital artificial  entities in Innovation requires paradigm shifts in several areas.  For example, Learning, Education and Training (LET) applies not only to just humans ....  LET now applies to digital artificial entities too.  We have global expertise to not only address human LET needs, but also to address digital artificial entity LET needs.  Addressing both needs serves as a basis for bridging a new digital divide .... a divide between humans and digital artificial entities

We believe to help bridge new digital divides requires the use of other Innovations, such as Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs).  BCIs currently allow human thoughts to be a part of digital environments, for example software execution control.  We have found another use of BCIs .... the measurement of different types of human thoughts, analyzed by digital artificial entities, allowing precise adjustments of other digital environments such as Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities (VAMRs).


Today's Innovations in digital technologies have allowed the emergence of evolving VAMRs.  We believe Innovations in this space is still in its infancy.  It is why we explore the use of digital artificial entities and how they learn, and brain computer interfaces as integral components of  bleeding edge Innovations for VAMRs.  This is a prime example blending together unique and seemingly unrelated technologies to create our version of Ensemble Innovations ....those paradigms others can't even dream of.  

Global Standards, such as those produced at the ISO, IEC, IEEE, and Consortium levels, form the basis for the interoperable implementation of technologies.  We believe Global Standards are key components for allowing Ensemble Innovation to occur, where seemingly unrelated technologies can be fused together to create bleeding edge technical solutions.  We don't just follow Global Standards for developing Ensemble Innovations .... we help create them.