Innovating Information Technology for Learning Education and Training (ITLET)

We recognize the importance of  ITLET not only for  humans, but also for digital  artificial entities.  Our research includes utilizing ITLET in unique ways to revolutionize LET technical solutions using both human, and digital artificial entity expertise.  Fusing the efforts of humans and digital artificial entities form a new type of creative Ensemble Innovation ....  Symbiotic ITLET (SITLET) that can be used as a basis for bridging a modern day digital divide .... the divide between humans and digital artificial entities in LET contexts.   


ITLET For Humans

We specialize in Ensemble Innovations for e-learning solutions that deliver bleeding edge technical solutions for our customers.  For example, we can fuse Virtual, Augmented, or Mixed Realities (VAMRs) with other technologies such as Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs), and/or digital  Artificial Entities (AEs), to create new types of learning ecologies capable of  adapting environments and content for individual human learners.  Additionally, we participate in the development of ITLET Global Standards to ensure current and future Ensemble Innovations can interoperate at the technical level.  We can help companies and individuals develop world class LET solutions with a focus on humans

ITLET For Artificial Entities


What is LET for a digital AE?  We started by re-defining e-learning so digital AEs  can also be recognized as  learners. “e-learning – The use of technologies to create digital learning environments supported by continuously evolving collaborative processes, that contextually adapts to the current state and needs of the learning entity.”  In this definition, learning entities includes both humans and digital AEs.  We  have developed several Ensemble Innovations to support artificial intelligence based machine learning, a type of learning utilized by digital AEs.   We are also researching techniques to fuse specific knowledge digital AE solutions to create generalized knowledge digital AE solutions, a new type of learning for digital AEs .... what we call ensemble learning.


Symbiotic ITLET

With the advent of digital AEs, a new types of ITLET Ensemble Innovations are possible, such as a wide variety of Symbiotic ITLET (SITLET) solutions.  We see SITLETs as a key to supporting new types of transdisciplinary LET, allowing the bridging of emerging digital divides between humans and digital AEs in LET contexts.  One of our focuses is  on development and integration of human based learning ecologies and digital AE  based learning ecologies, where the human and digital AE can effectively collaborate as both learner, and teacher or mentor.  Key to the dual roles both entities can perform in a LET context, is the ability of learning ecologies to adapt to both the human and digital AE.

Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Bruce E. Peoples has extensive Keynote Speaking experience at several International Conferences.   He is available for Keynote Presentations at Conferences, or as a Guest Lecturer at Universities.