Innovation Is More Than Just Thinking Outside Of The Box


Our focus is working with individuals and organizations to create Innovative Technologies that make a difference in the lives of our global citizens.  Dr. Bruce E. Peoples, Founder and CEO of Innovations LLC, views Innovation as more than just thinking outside of the box.  He views Innovation as creatively thinking in multiple boxes at once.    


Our Technology Paradigms


Creatively thinking in multiple boxes at once is just one aspect of Innovation.  There are more creative aspects to consider .... such as Ensemble Innovation using both creative teams and transformative technologies.


Information Technology for Learning, Education and Training (ITLET) solutions are exploding in the global marketplace.  Dr. Peoples has led Global Standards development enabling ITLET Ensemble Innovations to occur.

AI Based ML

Learning, Education, and Training activities do not apply to just humans anymore.  Like humans, digital artificial entities  have unique LET needs and require unique Ensemble Innovations we are developing. 


Using Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs), it is now possible to creatively connect human thought to computer controlled devices and digital environments.  We have used BCIs  in developing creative  Ensemble Innovations.


Domain knowledge of  Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities is expanding at a rapid pace.  These evolving technologies are allowing us to  develop creative Ensemble Innovations  bridging newly discovered digital divides.   


 Global Standards allow the development of  interoperable and ubiquitous Ensemble Innovations ready for the global marketplace.  We participate in the development of standards at the ISO/IEC, IEEE, and Consortium levels.