Innovation in BRIDGING digital divides

Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) are being used to create Ensemble Innovations in ways never before envisioned to bridge the digital divide between humans and digital environments.  We have been at the forefront in creating bleeding edge solutions utilizing BCIs.  From controlling Unmanned  Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with thought, to utilizing BCIs to assist in improving reading skills, we have proven the value of BCIs in Ensemble Innovations.  We continually develop Ensemble Innovations utilizing BCIs. 


control with BCI

Using Brain Computer Interfaces, it is now possible to creatively connect human thought with computer interfaces to controlled devices.  Years ago, our founder and CEO, Dr. Bruce E. Peoples, created a simplistic Ensemble Innovation to control the flight of a UAV using just thought.  He integrated an Emotive Epic device with an UAV computer software control program to fly a Parrot drone using just thought.


BCIs can allow humans and digital Artificial Entities (AEs) to collaborate on a scale never before envisioned.  We are researching the use of BCIs to allow AEs to become a member of our  League of Extraordinary Innovators to allow them to become a part of Ensemble Innovation producing transdisciplinary solutions.  This would allow a unique unity of knowledge never experienced before.  In this context, use of BCIs is a way of crossing on of the many new digital divides.



We have discovered BCIs can be used effectively in Learning, Education, and Training (LET) implementations by allowing an adaptive system to gain insight into human emotional and cognitive states, and help effectively adjust LET learning ecologies to human needs.  BCIs can be leveraged by Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality (VAMR) systems to control objects in the VAMR, and/or to provide human emotive and cognitive states to the VAMR systems, so the VAMR system can effectively adjust to the human.     

Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Bruce E. Peoples has extensive Keynote Speaking experience at several International Conferences.   He is available for Keynote Presentations at Conferences, or as a Guest Lecturer at Universities.