Innovating Digital Artificial entities 

In our research, we have developed methodologies to dynamically create digital Artificial Entities (AEs)  in needed context(s), serving as a basis for AEs to perform transdisciplinary activities, such as the creation or adjustment multiple types of data, information, and knowledge.  In our work, we have also discovered another new digital divide to bridge... a divide between multiple digital artificial entities.   


Ensemble Approach  

Currently, there is a focus on utilizing  Deep Learning  Neuro Networks (DLNNs) for use as a basis for allowing digital  AEs to learn.  Utilizing DLNNs, there have been successes in creating narrow AI for specific purposes, and limited successes in creating artificial general intelligence for multiple purposes.  However, to create digital artificial entities, especially those meant for transdisciplinary activities such as creating artificial data, information, and knowledge, requires an ensemble approach.  In this context, we realize a DLNN is just one element in a very complicated ensemble of algorithms and techniques to allow the creation and involvement of AEs.  Part of our research is to generate necessary ensembles to allow digital AEs to learn in unique ways.    


In an IT environment, digital AEs, like humans, require formation of Adaptive Leaning Ecologies (ALEs) to not only create digital AEs, but to also allow them to learn, generate new data, information and knowledge, and to share what has been learned and created.  We have found formation of ALE's for digital AEs are quite different than forming human ALEs, due to the complexity of the ensemble approach in dynamically creating and evolving digital AEs.  We have discovered part of the complexity is linking multiple digital AEs and their ALEs to form new or modify existing digital AEs for use in transdisciplinary activities.  We have discovered linking mechanisms that serve as a basis for creating these types of  linkages ... a bridge for the digital divide between multiple digital AEs .... allowing them to creatively think in multiple boxes at once.    


Next Gen AE Innovation

We realize creation and evolement of digital AEs for use in transdisciplinary activities is still in its infancy.  More Ensemble Innovations are needed before digital AEs can become creative and intelligent enough to serve as a member of our League of Extraordinary Innovators.  In this context, we are creating new methods to enhance creation and maturation of digital AEs.  For example, we have developed metamemory techniques to give digital AEs the ability to regulate their memory in the areas of declarative knowledge, procedural knowledge, and belief knowledge.  We also are developing metaperspective techniques to allow digital AEs to share attitude, belief, and value systems with other digital AEs, and more importantly .... with humans.

Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Bruce E. Peoples has extensive Keynote Speaking experience at several International Conferences.   He is available for Keynote Presentations at Conferences, or as a Guest Lecturer at Universities.