We are innovating innovation

Most people equate Innovation to thinking outside of the box. We view Innovation as creatively thinking in multiple boxes at once.  This new paradigm involves multiple facets, including  redefining what Ensemble Innovation isWe help companies and individuals unlock their true Innovation potential and assist in the development of bleeding edge technical solutions that others can't even conceive.    


Traditional Ensemble Innovation

In the past,Traditional Ensemble Innovation has mainly been equated to forming teams of individuals to generate Innovations.  We embrace the team approach.  Our founder, Dr. Bruce E. Peoples, has enhanced the team approach  by forming a network of hundreds of creative individual experts from around the globe to form what he calls the League of Extraordinary Innovators.  We utilize this unique network to form teams to enhance the Innovation process for our internal research and our customers.  When such teams form, they collaborate in unique ways, learning from one another, and blending their expertise and experiences.  This allows individuals to not just think outside of their boxes of knowledge, but to creatively think in multiple boxes of knowledge at the same time.  

Ensemble Innovation - Another Perspective

We have another unique perspective on Ensemble Innovation where seemingly unrelated Innovations are integrated to form an entirely new Innovation.  For example, how are Innovations in Eye Tracking (ET), Brain Computer Interfaces  (BCI), and Voice Analytics (VA) technologies related?  We have combined these Innovative technologies to create an new Innovation .... a Reading Assessment Apparatus (RAA) to measure reading levels/deficiencies in children and adults.  While reading a passage on an electronic device, ET tracks a persons eye or head movements.  At the same time, a BCI measures the cognitive state of the person when reading specific words.  VA simultaneously measures the emotional aspects of words spoken.  All three are integrated to form a an entirely new Innovation, RAA.    


Ensemble Innovation - Evolvement

We also develop methodologies to evolve Ensemble Innovation.  For example one of our research areas is the allowance of digital Artificial Entities (AEs) to be a member of the League of Extraordinary Innovators.  This means inclusion of both specific, and in the future, generalized AEs.  Our research is exploring   how humans and artificial entities can creatively interact in emerging technical domains such as Virtual,  Augmented, and Mixed Realities (VAMRs).  Additionally, we recognize Learning, Education, and Training (LET) is just not for humans anymore.  To be an effective part of an Innovation Team, we must address digital  AE LET requirements.  We are researching what LET means to digital AEs.  Our research looks at the contexts of where AEs may be learners, and where an AEs may be teachers or mentors.

Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Bruce E. Peoples has extensive Keynote Speaking experience at several International Conferences.   He is available for Keynote Presentations at Conferences, or as a Guest Lecturer at Universities.